Sourced locally in NZ, this portable charging cable is NZ compliant for use with any power socket in your home.  What this cable does is it firstly hand-shakes with your EV and then conveys 230v power to your EV.  Because this charging cable is designed to cap the power flow to 8A, it cannot deliver any more power even your EV wants to.

Your Nissan Leaf has its actual charging electronics onboard the vehicle and its power rating is topped at about 3.3kw for Japan made Leafs. This means Japan Leaf can maximum take 15A of electricity from your house using its AC charging port at its “nose”.  So it is not always “the bigger charger the better”.  You perhaps found many attractive 16A to 32A domestic charging stations and wondering if they are worth the investment? Unless you have an European EV which can take 32A, most affordable Japan EVs just cannot take that much “juice” and you are better off with this simple 8A charging cable. Best priced in NZ at $575 including GST.

Now, different scenarios for rapid charging using Chademo DC charging port at Leaf’s “nose”.  There is no power conversion needed in this case and the DC power can directly crank into EV’s traction battery pack. The maximum caping for this power is about 120A DC, which is way more than what a normal NZ house-hold switchboard can supply.  This is why you see the public rapid charging station is so bulky and the size does matter for DC rapid charging stations.

Our V2H converter station has a moderate DC charging rate and it is designed to be supplied by a normal house-hold switchboard. With the compact size (compared with the huge rapid charging stations), it is ideal for domestic installation and performs fast DC charging. It can fully charge an empty Leaf in about 3 hrs. Price NZD$24900 incl GST.

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