Roof top solar is the perfect energy source for EV and homes.

With an EV, your surplus solar generation will no longer need to feed back to the grid, but charged and stored in your EVs as transportation fuel and home energy storage. In NZ particularly, this is a key factor that it is worth investing in a vehicle 2 home and solar system. Why?

Because NZ’s current policy does not encourage residential renewable at all, the electricity retailers only buy your surplus solar generation 8 cents per KWH at the most! But if you charge it to your EV, then the same 1 KWH energy can drive you 7 to 10 kms, or store it in an EV and consume it at night / on peak periods.

Practically, if your solar can generate enough energy, you can achieve 100% sustainability or “energy free” + “transportation fuel free” using our unique V2H system.

Any solar system with 230V ac output can feed to our V2H system.  It automatically manages the solar generation and distribute it to your house and/or your EV. You have the freedom of controlling this distribution real time using the in-home touch screen (it looks like an iPad).

Being in mind that your EV (eg, 30KWH Leaf) is the largest Lithium iron battery on wheels, it can power an average NZ home for nearly 2 days! This means, you NO longer need to have an expensive home battery storage such as Tesla Wall 2.  You can have a much smaller home battery and power your basic loads when your EVs are not home, eg, fridges and security system. When you are home, the EVs are your home battery storage, 24, 30, 40KWH of it. The capacity of the EV keeps increasing and the price of EVs keeps dropping year on year, that is for sure.

So, isn’t the V2H a great investment to achieve “energy free” + “transportation fuel free” for the rest of your life? We let you decide.

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