Vehicle 2 Home Technology

Vehicle to Home “V2H” is the EV technology that allows your EV to supply electricity to your home.  With the help of home solar, it brings you the long-waited benefit of self-sustainable home energy supply, particularly if you want to or have to go “off-grid”completely.

Many home owners already have solar generations but hard to make financial returns by selling surplus solar power.  In Australia, it is fantastic because AU regulation enforces solar buy-back for good money! In New Zealand this is not the case.  We buy electricity at $0.28 per KWH and can only sell $0.08 to $0.12 at best.

Now, with our V2H system, you can store all your solar surplus in your EV and supply your entire house in the night! The system can supply maximum 60A to your house switchboard. This is the same amount of power that your lines company / the grid supplies to you.

Got a holiday bach in rural area and no power grid can easily reach you?  Solar is your only option?  Now you have 1 more good reason to install a large off-grid solar.  Let it generate enough energy to take care of your daytime home use, EV transportation fuel and your home battery storage. It can be done with our V2H products and you can practically achieve 100% sustainability and be “Energy Free”!

Living in the city, you can still be grid-connected and save huge energy bill.  Our future V2H products can be programmed to supply your house at peak periods so you avoid buying expensive at peak times.

Power outage? no more worries. A fully charged 24KWH Leaf can last you about 1-2 days! With the help of solar, you can possibly discard the grid all at once.








V2H NZ exhibited in 2018 EV World at Auckland ASB Showground for the first time. One EV industry insider responded to us: “your product is the most exciting EV technology this year!”, “We have been waiting for a true V2H product for long time”, etc. V2H NZ and Oti Auto Ltd are always the first pioneers in EV technology. Oti Auto Ltd was one of the first two EV importers in NZ who started 2nd hand EV market in 2013.

We will be installing a demo V2H system in a typical Auckland home and showcase this cutting edge EV technology. Expected “system go live” around early 2019.

Price NZD$26000 incl GST.  T&Cs apply.